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Are you looking for a clean, elegant look that stands the test of time? Permanent makeup is an excellent solution for clients who want to look their best at all times without the fuss and inconvenience of spending hours in front of the mirror. ISPMU offers a wide variety of permanent cosmetics procedures. Whether you’re interested in microblading, eyeliner, or eyelash enhancements, we can help you achieve the look you want. With discounts for military members and cancer survivors, you won’t find a more caring and personal cosmetics provider.

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Microblading is the manual skill of permanent eyebrow drawing

The ideal shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to the golden intersection (phi 1.618) and individual face morphology. The pigment is applied to the surface layer of the dermis using individual sterilized tools and is skillfully selected so as to match the natural hair or eyebrows’ color. After the healing process has concluded, the color may become several hues lighter than the natural hairs’ color.

Strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hair growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look. We create your brow strand-by-strand, for the most natural-looking 3D-like results. Your eyebrows will be perfectly filled-in and balanced.

Depending on your skin, results may last up to two years.

Our “Powder Brow” replicates a delicately shaded brow that is perfectly shaped and defined

The result is a more finished and sharp look. Touch-up is included within 2 months of initial procedure.

Microblading: Combination Microblading & Powder Brow:
$ 750 $1025
1- 2 Month Touch Up  $150 2 Month Touch Up $150
2-6 Month Touch Up $250 Post 6 Month Touch Up $450
 6 Month Touch Up $325 Post 12 Month Touch Up $950
after 9 months full price
Post 18 Month Touch Up $1025


BB Glow
Lash Line: Elongated Tail:
$250 $329 $329 (base) + $150
Package of 6 $1000 2 Month Touch Up $150 2 Month Touch Up FREE
Post 2 Month Touch Up $250 Post 2 Month Touch Up $150
Post 6 Month Touch Up $350

Our Baby Liner is semi-permanent and lasts from 1-3 years.

Additional Services


Classic Eyelash Full Set

Eye Lash Extensions

(Russian Volume Mix)

Full Set – $150 Full Set – $250
2 Week Fill – $85 2 Week Touch Up – $150
3 Week Fill – $105 3 Week Touch Up – $175
4 Week Fill – $125 4 Week Touch Up – $200


Lip Tattoo: Microneedling
Eyelash Perm
$525 1 Session – $150  $75/per visit
2 Month Touch Up – $150  5 Sessi0ns – $600
6 Month Touch Up – $329  10 Sessi0ns – $1000
12 Month Touch Up – $529 20  Sessions – $1825

Our Lip Liner is semi-permanent and lasts up to two years.

Perfecting Session within two months of the initial treatment is included.

*US Military:

– Active duty receives 50% off all services. (Must show ID)

– Active duty spouse receives 25% off all services.  (Must show ID)

* Survivors of Cancer:

– Free Microblading service with the approval letter from a specialty doctor.